Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Orchestral Movements in the Dark

So I got dressed in the dark the other day...

OK; that's all you get on this one. Everyone now gets the chance to finish my story with what you think happened. The opening line here is a true story; I want to see how the rest of you finish it. I will give a prize to whomever gets closest to the real deal. I will update later with the remainder of the story after I see what the rest of you come up with. Becky and anyone else whom I might have told this story to already are ineligible to play. Good luck!


Goode Design said...

when along came a magic aardvark with a golden tooth (not sure how i saw this in the dark, but go along with it).

The golden aardvark, all full of glee, said, "behold, i am the magic Aardvark of Charleston. Behold my wonder and power!

It shall be given unto thee,
wishes granted but only three!
As you make ponderings galore,
you have only three and not four.
Don't stop at twice,
remember your wishes...
You must wish thrice!
This will be delicious."

So Tommy ran down the stairs (ok, who cares whether you have stairs or not)
and along came a clatter...
The aardvark fell down the stairs!
Now what's the matter.

Tommy yell'd to becky, hey guess what I found...
an aardvark and not a basset hound.
He has given me wishes. Yes, three!
He gave them all, and gave them to me!

As Tommy & Becky began to discuss
the wishes they would wished for and which ones were a must!
Becky told Tommy to wish for two vans
all gold and blue filled with frying pans

At this, tommy did scoff and disdain
and said to becky, not that again!
Why not a new car or a cool new tie
or maybe a diamond ring on your finger could lie!

Hours and hours and hours more did fly
As tommy and becky considered wishes to try
As time went by, they decided on three
and now have a new life in Hawai'i

They requested of the Aardvark a speedy retreat
off to the paradise island out in the sea
And a mansion to live in with servants galore
and then tommy thought fast
and wished for three more!

so that's what you get when you dress in the dark
and happen upon a Magic aardvark.

Goode Design said...

Or you could have left with your shirt on backwards, wearing [ahem] someoneelse's clothes, mismatched socks & shoes... and a purple, striped shirt with a green and blue plaid tie.

just guessing.

bekster said...


Paul Murphy said...

And the mirror in the bathroom didn't break.

Goode Design said...

i wanna see Tommy & Becky perform this little poem in front of camp.

with a real aardvark.

Goode Design said...

Ok Tommy, now i'm irritated w/ you...

YOU NEED TO WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE USING YOUR KEYBOARD... I must have caught what you had (Flu Like Symptoms) and caught it thru the internet.

Y'know viruses can travel over the "infor-mation super-highway." Now i feel like the poster child for a Vick's Nyquil Commercial. BLAH!!! ok, this was an over the top (as usual) method of prayer request!

Born Blonde said...

And you put on your underwear inside out. Not surprising at all to me (as someone who has done so before).

Danny Baddeley said...

because Larry Salley came to my house during the night and stole all my light bulbs. What a jerk!!! :)

Nothing but love Larry.

Ann said...

Golly, man, Goode beat me to it!! I KNEW he'd get it right!

Ok, my theory isn't nearly as descriptive or poetic, but...

You fell and Becky thought someone had broken into the apartment?

You put on her clothes by mistake?

Just two guesses!

Ann said...

Oh, and BTW-

Goode has got either WAY TOO MUCH time on his hands, or he ate too many Wheaties for breakfast...

Pete said...

well, my theory came from experience. He once had a magic aardvark experience in the Crew Trailer at the Camp.

It was a traumatic experience. we all suffered temporary blindness.

Mary Jackson said...

who can go up against a magic aavardvark, especially one with a golden tooth??


...and forgot to brush my teeth. Thank goodness for Orbitz! Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbitz.

Goode Design said...

yup. I guess Tommy didn't see the post-it note that said: "Brush Teeth." or the two below them that said: "Brush Hair," and "Put on deoderant."

What if he forgot to put on clothes? What if he actually only put on a pair of socks and went to work?

Makes ya wonder.

Mary Jackson said...

ok, new ending based on the comment above.

...and made my big stage debut on YouTube. Video Title: Mr Brown's Socks.

Goode Design said...

Tommy Brown & the red blur.

bekster said...

Tommy, I think you should give these people the answer before this goes even more downhill... :)

Goode Design said...

Hey, that would be a great name for a band:

Tommy Brown & The Red Blur
Tommy Brown & the DownHill Conversation

There first song would be the Gold-Toothed Magic Aardvark.

Anonymous said...

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