Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lurkers Beware!

I was told the other day that I am a "lurker". Becky said that's when someone reads a lot of other people's blogs but never comments on them. I had to admit that I was in deed doing that but I thought that was just called being lazy or maybe nosy, but certainly not "lurking". That makes it sound like I am hiding in the shadows of the internet waiting to garrot someone with a CAT 5 cable.

The first blog that I officially "lurked" at was Michael Polutta's Soundtrack blog. I don't remember how I found it in the first place but I was quickly hooked. I still owe my boss a paycheck for all the time that I spent at work reading Soundtrack. Maybe that's why blogs are blocked at our company now....hmmmm......did I write that out loud?

It was great reading and I told my wife Becky about it. So what did she do? She quickly went and read all of the posts herself. Not only that but she COMMENTED!!!!! Which was something I had not done up to that point because I am a "lurker".


She got all the recognition from Michael for reading his entire blog from the very beginning, while in reality it was me who accomplished that feat first.

So what's the moral of the story?

Never leave home in the morning without eating breakfast and look both ways before picking your nose in public (you want to make sure that no one misses it)...

Oh yeah, and also...DON'T BE A LURKER!!!!

Some of you will notice that I commented on your blogs tonight, no more lurking for me! Hey who's that over in the corner with the CAT 5 cable?


Goode Design said...

wow tommy
I'm a devoted reader now
I read & commented on your 1st entry on my iPhone
Oh! I maybe on the dave ramsey tv show (call in) on Wednesday. Asking what kind of auto insurance to get. We just bought an 05 xterra (cash of course). It's the nicest car we've ever owned.

Catch ya on the flip side G.

MichaelPolutta said...

Wow. You read it too. Thanks for actually commenting!

On the topic of your amp - I did not experience a lot of hum, especially with humbucker-equipped guitars. I think a few resistor swaps will help decrease the hiss. Are you getting hum all the time? Even with no guitar plugged in?

And, yeah, that circuit REALLY likes to breathe. Getting to play that "edge of distortion" by controlling the pick attack is so much fun. 15W is pretty loud, isn't it? And I say again, with the guitar volume turned down it had the sweetest, chimiest clean tone I've ever heard. If I let it ring I would sometimes hear some chimey harmonics being generated too. So cool.

cdhofmann said...

Nobody's a better lurker than me. This is about as much as you'll ever get from me unless you hit a nerve. Still, nice layout - kudos to Becky for the "artsy" work.

stemy said...

This comment intentionally left blank.

bekster said...

Hey there. This is me not lurking. Just thought I'd set a good example by leaving a comment... (just kidding)

I'd like to see another post when you're done playing guitar hero.

Goode Design said...

yeah, where'd ya get the banner art from?

que nice! (that's spanish for "Very Nice!")

oh, to mikey p.... i read your blog too... i just don't comment much as you don't post very often... and... well, recession? What kind of comment could I make? The Dow is cliff diving off the Grand Canyon?

But that's neither here nor there... this is Tommy's blog... and there i go commenting about mike's blog... what kind of mess is that?

ok. tommy. suggestions on the blog:
1. never take suggestions from others about your blog. That should sum it all up.

you still got the same email addy, buckingham?

Philip Murphy said...

welcome to the blogging-nerd-association. sweet header. Since my wife has even less artistic talent than myself, maybe my kids will one day have a hint of artistic talent.

Lurkers make the blogging world go round.

Goode Design said...

Tommy & Becky: Please read the latest post on my blog... i'd LOVE to stir a good discussion about this last topic... it's a bout PBC. Goode Advice

DK said...

Dear Tommy,
I am not lurking (anymore)